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English Summary

Welcome to Joval!

Joval is a farm located by the beautiful Rødenes lake. This is one of the five large lakes of the Halden Kanal, in Østfold, the south eastern part of Norway. (See map) 

At Joval we have many attractions and activities. This is a short English summary of the different offerings we have.

Rental cabin/Fishing for Pike

We have a rental cabin and a boat, popular with pike fishermen, especially in the spring and fall. Here the other week, we had three guests from Germany who caught around 170 pike in a hectic week. The largest pike was 126 cm, over 10 kilos! Booking through this page.

We are buliding a new house, Solspillet, booking through this page.

Trolling for Pike

We have a trolling boat with an experienced guiding crew. We take up to six guests on a full or half day trip on the lake. We have all the fishing gear you need, and we can nearly guarantee a great catch!

The Lavvo

At Joval we have built a Lavvo, a wooden structure resembling the tents of the Laps of Scandinavia. This Lavvo is the centerpiece of many events at Joval.

Food served at Joval

As part of any great event at Joval we recommend one of our two specialities. Many groups order our meals prepared the age old way in a cooking pit in the ground.

For bigger events many prefer the whole roasted boar made over a slow cooking grill. We have a chef from Argentina who learned this from his grandparents!

Company Events

At the Lavvo of Joval we arrange events for companies, customers or suppliers, project kick-offs, team-building or social events to lift the spirit of employees. These events often include a tour through our team building trail with many exciting challenges for both teams and individuals.

Private events

We arrange parties for all occasions: weddings, bachelor parties, anniversaries or just a family party to celebrate with friends.

Caravan site

At Joval there is a small caravan site for seasonal guests. Most of our guests have had their caravans here for years. Unfortunately we have no space for tourists passing through, but we can recommend one of the camping sites nearby, Sukken Camping, that is on the banks of the same lake.

Joval - epost: Tlf: +47 95112604